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Water Additives for Extinguishers
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INILAM is a phosphate based product (without fluorocarbons) especially designed for A fires.
Recommended usage: 10%-30%.
Expected rating on a 6kg  extinguisher: 21A – 43A.
Excellent for class A fire, can also be used as fire retardant.

-Inilam A is an aqueous solution used particularly for Class A fires.
-Inilam AX is an improved version of Inilam A where even higher fire ratings are achievable.
-Inilam BT40 is a ready to use agent specially designed for use on A fires in minus temperatures (up to -35 degrees)

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KIDRON is a highly innovative company. Over 85% of sales, derive from products that were developed "in house". We develop "tailor-made" products suited to customer’s specific needs.


Our products carry the most rigorous approvals for safety & performance. Our products meet global standards such as the UL, EN, ICAO and Lastfire.


Our mission is to continue developing high performance environmentally friendly products.