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Water Additives for extinguishers


Water Additives for extinguishers

Water additives are unique Fire Fighting agents developed and produced to provide high performance products for liquid fire extinguishers. Over the last ten years there has been a clear and consistent tendency to shift from powder based extinguishers to liquid Water Additive based extinguishers. Kidron has been a pioneer in this field and continues to lead the field with new and innovative products.

Water additives advantages
High performance extinguishing
Approved for use in crowded places
Cleaner than powder
Technically easier to extinguish fires

Environemental friendly
Our Water additives are non toxic & fully biodegradable according to DIN EN ISO 9888. Our Water additives have NO negative effect on Eyes or skin (complying with European Standards OECD 405).

INILAM (A Fires)

Iniliam is a phospate based product (without flurocarbons) especially designed to fight A class fires, and can also be used as a fire retardant.

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Product Type Recommended Usage Freezing Point Expected EN 3 Rating
on a 6KG Extinguisher
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