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Firefighting Foams


Classification of Firefighting Foams

Kidron is a leading developer & producer of a wide range of fire fighting foams, having over 25 years of experience in foam production. Kidron supplies a wide range of foams , from the eco line all the way to the top performing products, used by fire brigades, oil & gas companies, petro-chemical companies, airports, the military and others. Our foams carry the most rigorous approvals for safety & performance and we pay special care to ensure that our products are environmentally friendly while maintaining high extinguishing performance.

Fluorine Free Foams

High performance Fluorine Free Foams. Our Fluorine free foams are the TOP of the line in the world updated foam products ! Our Fluorine Free Foams are 100% Fluorine FREE, with highest fire ratings according to the EN 1568 and exceptional Burn-Back resistance. These foams can be used as Low, Medium and High expansion foam and they are fully Biodegradable (97% within 14 days). We are able to offer these foams in various options of ratios : (1X3; 3X3 ; 3X6 ; 6X6).

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Hydro Carbons Polar Solvents Part 3 Heptane Part 4 Acetone Part 4 IPA