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Innovative Firefighting Products


Firefighting Foams, Powders and Water Additives at the cutting edge of technology.

For over 20 years Kidron has been a world-leader in the development and production of advanced firefighting Foams, Powders, Water Additives and Special Agents. Our top-performance products carry the highest international approval ratings for quality, safety and environmental protection.

Kidron Industrial Materials Ltd has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the firefighting products industry. Since its establishment over 25 years ago, Kidron has expanded its renowned Elinex™ product line to become a global leader in the development, production and marketing of firefighting Foams, Powders, Water Additives and Special Agents.

Our Products

Water Additives

Our Global Presence

Great Britain | Portugal | France | Morocco | Spain | Germany | Belgium | Brazil | Algeria | Greece | Latvia | Libya | Mexico | India | Netherlands | Slovakia | Indonesia | Cyprus | Bulgaria | Israel | Romania | Ukraine | South Africa | Turkey | Kazakhstan | Egypt | Italy | Serbia | Estonia | Uruguay | China | Thailand | Singapore | Philippines | Australia | Uzbekistan | Russia | Austria | Hungary | Chile | Poland | Croatia

Approvals Certification

  • UL listed
  • EN approved
  • Last Fire
  • ICAO
  • IMO
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KIDRON is a highly innovative company. Over 85% of sales, derive from products that were developed "in house". We develop "tailor-made" products suited to customer’s specific needs.


Our products carry the most rigorous approvals for safety & performance. Our products meet global standards such as the UL, EN, ICAO and Lastfire.


Our mission is to continue developing high performance environmentally friendly products.