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Innovative Firefighting Products


When it comes to firefighting, there are no compromises.

Kidron Industrial Materials Ltd has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the firefighting products industry. Since its establishment over 25 years ago, Kidron has expanded its renowned Elinex™ product line to become a global leader in the development, production and marketing of firefighting Foams, Powders, Water Additives and Special Agents.

With production plants in Israel and Europe, Kidron is the preferred supplier to a wide range of customers across many industries, and across the globe. These include, the world’s leading manufacturers of portable extinguishers, fire brigades, large industrial companies, oil refineries, electricity plants, storage farms, airports, oil & gas exploration, military and others.

Raising the bar of innovation & environmental protection.

The company’s in-house R&D division is continually advancing the industry with cutting edge products that are breaking new ground in terms of performance and biodegradability. In 2010, Kidron introduced BlueFoam Bluefoam to the market, a top performance fluorine-free foam, which is setting new standards of environmental & safety.

Our products are developed in accordance with the highest international safety & environmental standards.

The company’s ongoing R&D drives the ingenuity and top performance of every Kidron product, making Kidron a leading name in the world of firefighting products.

Tailor-made solutions that stand the test of time.

Kidron’s comprehensive product line includes Foams, Powders, Water Additives and Special Agents, and covers all classes of fires. At Kidron, we specialize in customizing tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of every customer. Our wide range of products, long-standing expertise and in-house technical knowledge enables us to create a comprehensive firefighting solution.

Our products have an outstanding shelf life, and we offer a variety of packaging configurations according to the customer’s request.

From the initial determination of your needs, through the development and supply of dedicated products, and providing you with continuous ongoing quality assessments, Kidron will support your every step.

Our Global Presence

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KIDRON is a highly innovative company. Over 85% of sales, derive from products that were developed "in house". We develop "tailor-made" products suited to customer’s specific needs.


Our products carry the most rigorous approvals for safety & performance. Our products meet global standards such as the UL, EN, ICAO and Lastfire.


Our mission is to continue developing high performance environmentally friendly products.