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Innovative Firefighting Products


Firefighting Foams, Powders and Water Additives at the cutting edge of technology.

For over 25 years Kidron has been a world-leader in the development and production of advanced firefighting Foams, Powders, Water Additives and Special Agents. Our top-performance products carry the highest international approval ratings for quality, safety and environmental protection.

Kidron Industrial Materials Ltd has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the firefighting products industry. Kidron renowned Elinex™ products are global leader in the field. Elinex firefighting Foams, Powders, Water Additives and Special Agents protect lives and property in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Our Products

Water Additives

Our Global Presence

Great Britain | Portugal | France | Morocco | Spain | Germany | Belgium | Brazil | Algeria | Greece | Latvia | Libya | Mexico | India | Netherlands | Slovakia | Indonesia | Cyprus | Bulgaria | Israel | Romania | Ukraine | South Africa | Turkey | Kazakhstan | Egypt | Italy | Serbia | Estonia | Uruguay | China | Thailand | Singapore | Philippines | Australia | Uzbekistan | Russia | Austria | Hungary | Chile | Poland | Croatia | Turkey | South Africa

Approvals Certification

  • UL listed
  • EN approved
  • Last Fire
  • ICAO
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KIDRON is a highly innovative company. Over 85% of sales, derive from products that were developed "in house". We develop "tailor-made" products suited to customer’s specific needs.


Our products carry the most rigorous approvals for safety & performance. Our products meet global standards such as the UL, EN, ICAO and Lastfire.


Our mission is to continue developing high performance environmentally friendly products.